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Quality, innovation, customer orientation

• Manufacture plant built in 425k ft² in roof, total area 1,500k ft²- Monte Belo do Sul, South Brazil.

• Creativity, valuation of people, dynamism and are some of the principles that guide your business.

• Privileged infrastructure and advanced technologies, allows to offer a wide range product portfolio and development market innovations.

• Working to generate sustainable results, reversing in what is more modern to carry dreams to costumers, clients and employees.


• Design and quality with price affordable and high-end product.

• Furniture in MDF and MDP, Carb 2 Certified. Some parts in solid wood.

• Commercial colors. Modern, flexibility in dimensions and accessories.


Ditália Móveis has the expertise to pack products in all kinds of markets necessity. Since economic saver, point of sale, ISTA 3A, ISTA 6A and any special on demand.

• Full labeled cardboard boxes

• Private label as per specification

• Design art printed or labeled

• Styrofoam sheet T5

• Cardboard packaging double wave

• Cardboard packaging for hardware's

• Styrofoam P4

• Corner Cardboard

• Side reinforcement with MDF 3mm


Ditália Móveis made RTA Furniture developed by P&D and Customer requirements. Private label developed as per customer needs and specifications. Assembling instructions guides how product should be produced, packed and assembled.

• Parts labeled

• Minifix and dowel construction assembling

• Assembled Manual Instruction send on the box

• Detailed parts and hardware's listed on Instructions

• Assembling video on demand

• QR Code assembling Manual and Video on demand



Designers and Engineers product working together.


Developed with technologies that add practicality and ease of use: Differentiated design that feet's on the budget.


Raw materials provided from renovated and certify Forests. used in Ditália's furniture guarantee beauty and durability.


Different finishes option: UV painting, Finish Foil, Melamine charmed with glossy, matte, wooden and solid colors.


Product and packaging tested and certified. Certificate available upon request.


Handles, Hardware's and Molding Frames are designed to make the product even more special and functional.online e está em dúvida sobre qual a melhor para você? Nosso time de especialistas pode tirar suas dúvidas e ajudar nesta escolha.


Ditália Móveis emphasizes furniture with a differentiated design, providing the consumer with full satisfaction when purchasing their furniture. The furniture, in addition to meeting the needs of everyday life, has exclusive moldings that guarantee a differentiated finish, robustness and modernity.

• Full product description

• Details

• Weight and Dimensions

• Specifications

• Photos, renders and diagrams

• ISTA-3A or ISTA-6A packaging

• RTA Ready to Assemble

Quality control, safety and inspection

• Private Label developed under specifications

• Samples products are tested (quality control)

• Home packaging testing and lab on demand

• Production orders are tested and assembled

• Schedule inspection are made on demand

• Local and US tests validation on demand

Quick Briefing Products

• CARB FREE Panels PB/MDF (FSC supplier certified – Lacey Act)

• Glass / Mirror material tempered

• TSCA Raw materials and Components

• ISTA 3A or 6A Packaging by demand

• Variety of Coating: UV paint, Finish Foil, Melamine

• Metallic Hinges / Sliders

• Recycled and eco friendly material available for packaging

• Internal pré testing: product, packaging

• Internal Quality Control and Inspection

• MOQ by Project

• Nearest Port: Rio Grande, RS – Brazil

Ditália Móveis Industrial Ltda.

Monte Belo do Sul - RS - Brazil